Your Promises
Their Realities

The brand promises you believe in deserve to be brought to life. We can ensure you leave a lasting impact on your target audience and consumers.

BLANC CASSÉ is by your side to distill your story and create quality, effective content that delivers results.


What We Deliver?


We EXECUTE your brand promise.

Prove your values and commitment by telling real-life stories

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We PRODUCE high-quality content.

Producing tailored, quality content for all your digital platforms

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We GIVE SOUL to your brand or product.

Carefully selecting the right talent to connect you to your audience

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Our Services


Visual ID – Branding – Graphic Design – Motion Design –  Illustration


Film – Photo Shoot – Social & Stories – Brand Content – Post -Production – Editing – Live video


Storytelling – Copywriting – Mood/Storyboards – Playlists Curation – Sound Design


Channel Management – Social Strategy – Content Diffusion – Influence & RP – Events – Paid Social Acquisition

Our Lastest Work

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Official BAL Anthem

The official anthem of The BAL, the African league launched by the NBA – National Basketball Association! 🌍 #GameON! 🔥 Our roles: shooting, mixing, sound, editing, coordination 2 artists representing their team: Bruce Melodie (Patriots Kigali) and DIP (AS Douanes de Dakar)

Our Method

Our “end consumer” vision makes it necessary for us to offer them credible, high-quality content in different formats.
Your targets must be able to project and identify themselves. For that reason, your brand story deserves to be brought to life through relevant storytelling, embodied by the right profile in a real environment.
Good content is most effective when it is correctly distributed and amplified. It must therefore be developed to mobile and social media use. This means striking content to grab attention, and smart media buys to increase reach.
Efficient and high performing, each content broadcast will call your future consumers to action. Whether it is to take advantage of a promotional offer, fill in a form, place an order or make a reservation, or find out more on your website.
Your distribution platforms are designed to develop to strengthen or even recruit a community. Blanc Cassé creates these meetings for you, makes a familiar face, surprises your targets and fills them with wonder. Your brand universe must last over time.
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